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Career Services

Irene's provides lifetime job placement services for our alumni. Every year, our Career Services department hosts a Career Fair exclusively for Irene's graduates. To prepare students for their job search, we assist in resume building and teach them what to expect during the interview process. In their Professional Development classes, they learn key strategies on marketing themselves to gain new clients, and skills to maintain a strong client base.

Our Career Services department assists graduates in finding employment opportunities to match their professional goals. Our placement director maintains a list of job leads generated through relationships with existing employers as well as seeking out new career opportunities.

At Irene's we receive numerous requests for referrals from both individuals seeking massage, and businesses eager to hire our graduates. Our placement director skillfully matches our alumni with these job opportunities. We send resumes to potential employers that best match the graduates' interests to the employers needs. For those pursuing self-employment, individual client referrals are directed to them.

Alumni Services

Our complimentary Alumni Association is an exclusive organization providing fun and informative gatherings to graduates.
Alumni Services presents enriching experiences and further development for the therapists following their graduation.

Irene's Alumni Services provide graduates with an abundance of benefits. Graduates receive assistance with state licensing, professional guidance, and a thriving alumni community. Our graduates are invited to free massage shares, alumni reunion parties and continuing education classes at a reduced rate.