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Demystifying Healthy Eating

Jump Start Your Day with a Green and Clean Smoothie

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Green and Clean Smoothie What You Need 1/4 Cucumber 1/2 handful Spinach or Other Leafy Green 1/2 Avocado 1 Celery stalk 2 …

Spice Up Your Life with a Ginger Spice Smoothie

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Ginger Spice¬†Smoothie Ginger root is great to keep around if you’re trying to detox, and it definitely wakes up the taste buds …

Chocolate to Detox – Cocoa Bliss Smoothie Recipe

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Cocoa Bliss Smoothie You can use chocolate as part of your detox routine, as long as it’s the right kind. This smoothie …

Get your blenders ready, it’s time for Spring cleaning- Berrilicious Smoothie Recipe

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  Berrilicious The berries turn on detoxifying enzymes and ginger stimulates digestion. What You Need 1 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries 3/4 cup …