Kundalini Yoga & Gongs with Valerie Weir ~ Crazy Cheap Yoga

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Every Thursday!

Learn the primary tools of asana, breath, and meditation. Everybody can do this style of yoga! Showing up is all it takes. You came into the world with purpose and potential.

Each session we will develop that potential, using the following ancient yogic tools:

Activating your life force Doing simple exercises, supported by mantra (sound) and mudra (hand positions)Working toward a daily practice Relaxing and letting go to the sound of planet gongs

Beginning in 2015, instead of free yoga, Irene’s will be offering Really Cheap Yoga.  

In order to be able to continue to offer our yoga program we have to charge a minimal fee.  The school won’t be making a profit.  The charges are just to help cover expenses. 

Each class will be $5 a person.  
– There will also be a discount card available that’s $36 for 12 classes.  

The cards will be expire in 6 months, will be nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Starting in 2015, students will need to sign-in before class at the desk downstairs.