Spotlight on Irene! Happy Birthday!

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Irene Simonen Gauthier
Happy Birthday Irene!
In honor of her birthday, this month’s Spotlight is on Irene!
Anyone who knew Irene would recognize that twinkle in her eyes. That was how you could tell she was teasing or about to tell a joke. Irene was definitely a force to be reckoned with and many were intimidated by her. However, she was one of the most kind hearted persons one could meet. Having Irene as a friend, teacher or parent meant you always had someone with whom you could count on.
Born in 1920, Irene Gauthier lived through countless hardships and yet she was still able to continuously inspire, grow and thrive. She lived through the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, a Presidential Assassination, the Detroit Riots, the first Moon Landing, and both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Despite the chaotic world around her, Irene still found the time to not only nurture and raise a family, but also to become a successful entrepreneur and founder of the field of Myomassology. Way beyond the traditional age of retirement, she continued to practice Myomassology, teach classes, and assist students in her school’s clinic.
Irene attended beauty school and was licensed as a cosmetologist by the state of Michigan in 1939. Successful as a beautician, she bought her own salon in 1947. If it had not been for a bronchial asthma attack in 1949, she may have stayed in the field of cosmetology for good. Surely that asthma attack was preordained, for it introduced Irene to a doctor who used natural healing techniques to treat her condition. Rather than prescribing her medicinal drugs, Irene was impressed to watch her doctor treat her homeopathically. To her amazement and relief the asthma left and never returned. In its place a seed was planted, a spark, an unquenchable thirst to know more about the art and science of natural healing. Indeed, she may not have realized it then that this was to be the impetus that would eventually send her on a quest to learn all she could.
After obtaining a book on reflexology, Irene began to practice on herself. Having great success with this technique, she began to use it on her cosmetology clients while they sat under the hair dryer. Irene took a course in Swedish Massage in 1957 to gain the theory needed to pass the Detroit Board Exam, and became licensed to practice massage in Detroit a year later…
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