A Successful Career – Beth Ashcraft

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Spotlight on a Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is an amazing occupation with a variety of career paths available. We feature interviews with graduates of Irene’s Myomassology Institute sharing their successes, challenges, rewards and advice.

Beth Ashcraft Graduated September 2016 

Irene’s – Where do you work?
Beth – I massage clients at my home in Madison Heights. I also create aromatherapy products for home and body.  My full-time job is managing the Student Massage Clinic and School Store at Irene’s.
Irene’s – What are your specialties?
Beth – My massage work is a combination of therapeutic and relaxation techniques, energy work and Myofascial Release. During a massage, I think a client should be relaxed but also involved in the experience. When a client communicates what they are feeling during a session, then they help lead me to seeing their needs. When they participate in this fashion, they get much more out of their massage.
Irene’s – What are your favorite modalities, or what techniques do you find most effective?
Beth – My favorite work is John Barnes’ method of Myofascial Release.  I like that his approach focuses on treating the body as a whole and it’s less taxing on my own body.  I also use Irene’s muscle mechanics, range of motion and stretching techniques. Clients appreciate the quick results they provide!
Irene’s – What was your greatest success with a client?
Beth – My greatest client success was after a few sessions in which I had been too ‘in my head’ trying to include just too many techniques. My client said, “Maybe this pain is just chronic, things don’t seem to be easing up in this area like they used to.” That was a huge lesson for me. I realized, the biggest mistake I make is thinking too hard!
In the next session, I went back to basics. I slowed down and remembered less is more. A week later, the client said they had been nearly pain free that entire week and their movement had greatly improved. When I get out of my own way and let my intuition kick in I feel very successful in my sessions.
Irene’s – To what do you attribute your success?
Beth – I attribute my success to my ability to learn what I can from every situation and everyone I’m exposed to. Moving forward and sending intention to the universe keeps me focused on my goals.
Irene’s – What is your favorite aspect of your career?
Beth – My 20-year career in fast paced retail management had taken a toll on me. I came to Irene’s with the intention of learning more about my own body and the pain I was experiencing.  However, I knew upon graduation I wanted to help people feel better and use my experience to help me find my next path. Then I began working part-time at Irene’s, and I knew I was in the right place. The opportunity of clinic manager presented itself allowing me to take on a leadership role while using my new massage skills. The work schedule provides me with time to see my own clients as well. I’m very happy with my newfound career! My favorite part about my job(s) is that I am able to help people feel better every day.
Irene’s – What do you do for self-care?
Beth – For self care, I practice yoga throughout the week and find moments to practice deep breathing throughout the day. I get massage a few times a month from students and peers. I try to only use homeopathic remedies to address any symptom I have and found much relief this way.
Irene’s – Do you have any advice for new therapists?
Beth  – My advice to new therapists is set your intention and stay out of your own way. Intuition is your best friend! I would also advise to make sure you set boundaries and stand your ground. Sometimes you’ll find people who will push your boundaries as long as you let them. If you don’t allow them push, they simply stop.  Breathe. Hug. Smile.
Irene’s – What is the best way for clients to contact you?
Beth – The best way to contact me is by email: bethAmassagetherapy@gmail.com