A Successful Career – Lauren Bass

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Spotlight on a Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is an amazing occupation with a variety of career paths available. We feature interviews with graduates of Irene’s Myomassology Institute sharing their successes, challenges, rewards and advice.

Lauren Bass Graduated February 2009

Irene’s – Where do you work?

Lauren – I am the COO of OxyZen Events and  the Operations Manager of Break 4 Massage, LLC.

Irene’s – What are your specialties?

Lauren – My specialty is mobile massage; particularly event massage and corporate massage.

Irene’s – What are your favorite modalities, or what techniques do you find most effective?

Lauren – I am a big fan of energy work. I am Reiki attuned and have taken 3 levels of polarity therapy. Both have been highly effective.

Energy  work, which uses very light or no pressure, truly often “the deepest work.” I also often incorporate Thai techniques into my sessions.  I would say Thai is my “go to” modality. I feel that it’s highly adaptable to any situation or environment.

Irene’s – What was you greatest success with a client?

Lauren – I had a client with MS that I did energy sessions on 2-3 times a month. I could see the peace in her face and feel the release of pain and tension lighten from her body. Her Dr. told her she would never regain sensation in her feet due to neuropathy, but she began to ” feel her toes” after a few weeks.  She did the work.

Irene’s – Where is the first place you worked? 

Lauren – I started my own practice right out of school, but my first massage employee experience was with Massage Green with the goal of getting my hands on as many people as possible, to hone my skills.

Irene’s – To what do you attribute your success? 

Lauren – I attribute my success to setting goals and being fearless enough to pursue them. I am not afraid to learn (some people call it failing). And I’m not afraid to get back in the trenches and do something different with what I have learned.

Irene’s – What is your favorite aspect of your career?

Lauren – As an individual, my favorite aspect of massage therapy is the versatility and flexibility. I can work in many different environments with different populations. It stays new and interesting. As co-owner/manager of 2 onsite businesses that provide massage therapy, my favorite aspect is the ability to provide services to individuals who don’t have or make the time to get massage. Many of them have never had a massage before getting one at work or an event. It’s a gateway to exploring full body massage and all of the benefits it brings.

Irene’s – What do you do for self-care? 

Lauren – For self care I get 2-3 massages a month. One in a chair or table massage, usually at the mall, one with a therapist I know and one with a therapist I don’t know.  I learn something new every time I receive a massage and I feel better. You can’t give what you don’t have! I also meditate daily, and stretch 2-3 times a day.

Irene’s – What marketing do you feel has worked best?

Lauren – Onsite/mobile massage…The word of mouth and full body clients you get from doing massage at an office or event is very abundant.

Irene’s – What do you feel the biggest mistake you’ve made, and how did you address it?

Lauren – I don’t believe in mistakes. I believe in lessons. I am always applying what I learn to make every encounter the best that I can. I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to trust your instincts, there are opportunities I could have taken advantage of and talked myself out of. There are other things I pushed through to do and felt like I shouldn’t. I do best when I follow my gut and heart and silence my brain.

Irene’s – Do you have any advice for new therapists?

Lauren – Be open to explore who you are as a therapist. Get as much diverse experience as possible. You may be surprised at what aspect of this work draws you in. Figure out how to merge massage with something else you are really good at or interested in. This is what will make you stand out and appeal to your dream clients making you an expert with a niche.

Irene’s – What is the best way for clients to contact you?

Lauren – Here are the best ways to reach me:

Ph: 248-709-0280 (work cell)