A Successful Career – Sandra Horne

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Spotlight on a Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is an amazing occupation with a variety of career paths available. We feature interviews with graduates of Irene’s Myomassology Institute sharing their successes, challenges, rewards and advice.

Sandra Horne Graduated April 2014

Irene’s – Where do you work?

Sandra – I own Sandstone Therapeutic Massage in Novi.  My studio has 6 rooms and I have an amazing team of 14 people. We offer therapeutic massage, clinical reflexology, Thai Bodywork, Shiatsu and an amazing selection of Facials.
I have owned the studio since June 2016 and we grew the business by 33% in the first year. Our Membership has doubled. Our name is increasingly recognized in our area. We have held two wonderful charity events where we provided over 40 FREE massages to veterans and active military each year. We donate to many local charities and have been involved in the Novi Rotary and won the 2018 Customer Service Excellence Award from the Novi Chamber of Commerce.
I am so very proud of the team I am surrounded and supported by each and every day. I have a strong sense of gratitude for the clients who have continued to give their loyalty to Sandstone Therapeutic Massage since my ownership. Unfortunately, I do not massage as much as I used to due to managing the business, but it is so good to be successful!
My goal is to double the business in the next two years and continue to provide a safe haven where my team can grow individually and together to achieve their fullest potential and happiness in their chosen careers.
Irene’s – What are your favorite modalities or what technique do you find the most effective?
Sandra– Trigger point, Positional Release, Myofascial.
Irene’s – What was you greatest success with a client?
Sandra – Creating trust with a client that allowed them an emotional release (a burn survivor).
Irene’s – Where is the first place you worked?
Sandra – Community Chiropractic in Walled Lake with Dr. Eckley.
Irene’s – To what do you attribute your success?
Sandra – Surrounding myself with amazing, encouraging, motivational, and supportive people.
Irene’s – What is your favorite aspect of your career?
Sandra – Helping others to grow and develop. To reach their potential, to feel worthy and good about themselves.
Irene’s – What do you do for self-care?
Sandra – Meditation
Irene’s – What marketing do you feel has worked best?
Sandra – Networking! Meeting people face to face, and building trust in the community.
Irene’s – What do you feel the biggest mistake you’ve made, and how did you address it?
Sandra – Being too trusting and giving people opportunities before really knowing what they are or are not capable of.
Irene’s – Do you have any advice for new therapists?
Sandra – Be honest with yourself and with others. Always have the best intentions of doing the right thing. Keep boundaries and ethics at the top of your strategy.
Irene’s – What is the best way for clients to contact you?
Sandra – Call 248-348-8770.