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Featured Articles

Successful Massage Careers

A Successful Career – Robin Leslie

A Successful Career – Robin Leslie

Robin Leslie Graduated in June 2015.
I chose this career because previously I worked in the field of nuclear medicine and now I help people without poison or drugs and my heart couldn’t be happier.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

13 Benefits of Massage for Exercise

13 Benefits of Massage for Exercise

Whether you are a professional athlete or participating in an amateur sports league with your friends, exercise can provide significant benefits. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has even gone as far as releasing the first official U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines in 2008.

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Healthy Lifestyles

How To Responsibly Use Antibiotics

How To Responsibly Use Antibiotics

Antibiotics are a group of medications that treat specific kinds of infections. Antibiotics have greatly improved public health since the mid-twentieth century, effectively turning many life-threatening infectious diseases into curable conditions. However, when used improperly, antibiotics do more harm than good.

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What Our Community Says:

When I interview therapists from Irene’s I know that they are top tier. They are highly competent and ready to start their careers in the Massage Therapy field.

Shelly D., Recruiter, Employer, Zeel In-home Massage

I graduated from Irene’s in June 2018. I had an amazing experience and met so many talented people who are like family now. Irene’s changed my life and showed me a path to an amazing career in massage therapy. It’s because of Irene’s I can help so many people and animals through massage.

Jenni K., Alumni

My experience with Irene’s transformed my life in countless beautiful ways. I came away with irreplaceable knowledge, wonderful relationships, and inner strength.  I wouldn’t trade my education there for anything.

Caroline K., Alumni

Irene’s is an awesome place to learn! The only school I know of that teaches in a fun way through hands-on learning.  It’s because of this school, that I have a wonderful career doing what I love!

Satin S., Alumni

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