Spotlight on a Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is an amazing occupation with a variety of career paths available. We feature interviews with graduates of Irene’s Myomassology Institute sharing their successes, challenges, rewards, and advice.


Ryan Evans Graduated November 2011

Irene’s – Where do you work?

Ryan – I have a private practice in Sarasota, Florida called Ryan Evans Massage Therapy.

Irene’s – What are your specialties?

Ryan’s – I only do therapeutic massage.

 Irene’s – What are the top two things you love the most about your career?

Ryan –  1. Using my knowledge to help people get rid of their pain. 

2. The moment when the client is on the table and they feel their muscles change for the first time. 

Irene’s – What are your favorite modalities, or what techniques do you find most effective?

 Ryan – Myofascial release, Muscle energy techniques, and Muscle testing. 

Irene’s – What was your greatest success with a client?

Ryan – A woman in her mid-60s came to me several years ago.  She was hunched over and walked with a cane.  Through her intake form, I found out she had digestive issues and an autoimmune disorder. This disorder turned all of her discs into the bone.  She had multiple surgeries on her back to give her mobility in her thoracic and lumbar spine. She had a surgical scar from C7 to her coccyx from multiple procedures.  She also had many MTs turn her away because of her medical history.  I agreed to take her on as a client.  After 6 to 8 months of weekly visits, she was able to stand almost completely straight up and did not need a cane. She also reported improvement with her digestive problems.  Despite moving away she comes back to Florida regularly and continues maintenance treatment when she is in town. 

Irene’s – Where is the first place you worked?  

Ryan – Porter and Clark chiropractic in Flat Rock, Mi.

I must add that this was an amazing place to work.  I’m so grateful they gave me my first opportunity in the field.  I gained so much knowledge from all the doctors and my coworkers.  If I still lived in Michigan I would probably still be working there.

Irene’s- To what do you attribute your success? 

Ryan – 

  1. Going to Irene’s
  2. Being a musician.  This helped me in a couple of significant ways. 
  3. I was a very shy kid and performing brought me out of my shell.  This made it possible for me to be able to talk to strangers. 
  4. It helps me develop my palpation skills and hand strength. 

Irene’s’ – What do you do for self-care?

Ryan – Regular massage, Stretching, Regular chiropractic care, and Regular acupuncture.

Irene’s – What marketing do you feel has worked best?  

Ryan – The only thing that has really worked for me is word of mouth and Groupon. Groupon is a touchy subject for some people because of how much they take.  I look at it this way.  Print media is really expensive and after spending a lot of money on Google and social media with little results Groupon is the only thing that consistently brings in new clients.  The trick is your mindset.  It’s not how much you make in that one session it’s how many of those people come back and continue to pay your regular prices.  I have lots of regulars who originally came from Groupon and have made tens of thousands of dollars on those people returning. 

Irene’s – What do you feel the biggest mistake you’ve made, and how did you address it?  

Ryan – Spending money on Google ads and social media target marketing.  I stopped wasting my money.

Irene’s – Do you have any advice for new therapists? 

Ryan – Get lots of massages from many different therapists. This will help you learn new techniques and gain information to help you build your practice.  Don’t neglect yourself.  Self-care is very important.  How can you expect to care for others if you’re not taking care of yourself?  Don’t overwork yourself.  Your most powerful tool in massage is your mind.  If you use it instead of your body,  you will have a long career. 

Irene’s – What is the best way for clients to contact you? 

Ryan – Text or email is usually best.  Ph: 941-544-7276 or Email: 


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