Accommodations for Leave of Absence Students (transfer in students)

All students who are on Leave of Absence (LOA) are encouraged to return to class early. To review material previously covered, the Pandemic LOA students may return to campus to attend classes with the cohort they will be joining. It is recommended that these students begin reviewing classes as soon as possible, as most LOA students will be officially returning to school at the end of summer.

To attend a review class(es) in the Core Curriculum (Hands-on, Lecture or Applied Myomassology), the student need not notify Administration of that intention. However, the student may only attend the class day and time they are scheduled to return to. For example, a student who is scheduled to return to Monday Hands-on class at 10:00am in September must only attend review classes with that same class.

For tracking purposes, students reviewing classes must complete a gold make-up form. This will assure Administration is aware of their attendance. It will also help facilitate contact tracing if such measures need to be carried out.

Accommodations for Graduates

After completing the program, any students who attended during the pandemic feel they were unable to fully benefit from a class in their Core Curriculum (Hands-on, Lecture or Applied Myomassology) are invited to come back to campus and re-take that class. To make arrangements to re-take a class the alumni member must call Student Records to assure there is an open seat in the desired class.

Also, any Elective Class that was attended online can be re-taken on campus in-person. One restriction to this accommodation during the pandemic, is that the graduate must wait until one week prior to the Elective to confirm their attendance.

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