Get Your Massage Continuing Education at Irene’s!

Irene’s offers a multitude of continuing education opportunities for Licensed Massage Therapists. We have classes that not only satisfy your hourly requirements but also fulfill the pain management and the ethics stipulations. We even have a class to provide you with the required education on Human Trafficking that is mandated by the Federal Government.    

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Training in Human Trafficking Required to Renew Massage Licenses!

In addition to continuing education, a Federal Law requires all individuals licensed under the public health code to complete training on how to identify and report human trafficking.

This is a one-time training requirement, separate from CE. The human trafficking rule will apply to both initial and renewed licenses. As with CE, the State randomly audits for documentation of completing the training.

All licensed massage therapists in Michigan must complete this training.

License renewed in 2018 must complete training to renew in 2021.
Renewals in 2019 by 2022.
As of March 2022, training is required for all initial licenses.

Human Trafficking Awareness With Ethics

Instructor: Beth Ashcraft, LMT
Prerequisite -Massage School Diploma

Human Trafficking Awareness–Identifying and Reporting Victims

$40 Irene’s Alumni and $60 General Public

Saturday, 7/10/21, 9am – 12pm – Full

Sunday, 8/1/21, 9am – 12pm – At School

Saturday, 9/11/21, 9am – 12pm – ONLINE

Course & Instructor Information

Course Description

As the massage profession has increasingly become a part of our health care, it is important that massage therapists have an understanding of how to identify and report suspected victims of human trafficking. This course will explore the human trafficking industry and how it operates in the United States.

The class will help you understand different types and venues of human trafficking in the U.S. You will learn how to identify warning signs and victims of human trafficking in health care settings. Most importantly, you will know when and how to report suspected victims of human trafficking.

This human trafficking training will satisfy the Federal Law requiring individuals licensed under the public health code to complete training on how to identify and report human trafficking.

In addition to the Human Trafficking Education requirement massage therapists in Michigan must complete 1 hour of Ethics to renew their massage license. This class will satisfy both requirements.

In regards to Ethics, it is imperative that today’s massage therapists are able to establish and maintain professional relationships with their clients. Acknowledging the importance of therapeutic boundaries while working in a profession of compassion and kindness can be a tricky balance to maintain. Using real life situations, this class will discuss best practices in navigating difficult conversations in your treatment room.


Instructor Beth Ashcraft, LMT

Beth is a graduate of Irene’s from 2016. In addition to being Irene’s Student Clinic and Store Manager, she also teaches the Fascia Therapy Elective and Ethics, Communications and Human Trafficking lectures. When she is not working full-time at Irene’s, Beth maintains her own massage practice with a broad range of clients.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Irene’s is only offering “Human Trafficking Awareness and Ethics” for Continuing Education at this time.

Exclusive Massage Therapy Continuing Education at Irene’s

Following Irene’s high standards for educational excellence, we provide you with a variety of continuing education classes to choose from. The classes listed here will satisfy the requirements for Michigan massage therapy licensing renewal.

Orthopedic Massage- Lower Body

Instructor: Rob Kelly, LMT
Prerequisite: Massage School Diploma

16 CE Hours
Saturday & Sunday, October 17 & 18, 2020
9:30 am-5:30 pm with an hour break for lunch

This is a class for you if you are interested in increasing your ability to assess and treat the client’s soft tissue conditions such as sciatica, psoas dysfunction or sacroiliac dysfunction.

Course Description

This class focuses on the assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction of the mid-back, low back, hip, knee and ankle regions.

It utilizes techniques and assessments that focus massage treatments for specific conditions such as limited range of motion, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, psoas dysfunction or sacroiliac dysfunction.

Techniques presented will be muscle firing patterns, fascial mobilization, muscle stripping, pin and stretch and trigger point approaches.

Instructor Information

Instructor Rob Kelly, LMT

Rob Kelly has been a massage therapist for over 24 years.  He has taught massage and science lectures for more than two decades at a number of different massage therapy schools in metro Detroit. He has also taught at the AMTA National Convention and many AMTA state conventions.

Rob’s classes are a favorite among Irene’s students, including Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Orthopedic Massage, and Palpation. He has always had a passion for teaching and loves to help people learn. Rob’s vision is to see massage therapy education continuously improve while raising educational standards.

Cancellation Policy  

Call the school if you are unable to attend the class. 248-350-1400
A $50 fee is charged for less than five-day notice of cancellation. If registration was made using complimentary elective hours, half of the hours used will be lost from the account. 

For less than 24-hour cancellation, we will refund 50% of the cost of class. The remaining balance less the $50 fee can be applied to future classes. This amount is nontransferable.  If registration was made using complimentary elective hours, all of the hours used will be lost from the account. 

Irene’s Electives Available for Massage Therapy Continuing Education


20 Hour Classes
16 Hour Classes
8 Hour Classes
4 Hour Classes



Alumni 20% Off


Note – Due to the pandemic, Irene’s Elective Classes are reserved exclusively for current students. Alumni will be welcome to join these classes when social distancing is no longer necessary.

Elective Classes & Corresponding Hours

Classes in bold will satisfy the State’s pain management requirement. The following Elective Classes qualify for Continuing Education. Not all electives qualify and you cannot count a class that you have already taken. The hours of credit for each class are indicated, which correlate to the cost for the classes above..

20 | Thai-Yurvedic I
16 | Thai-Yurvedic II
16 | Table Thai
16 | Hands on Hands
16 | Massage in Clinical Environments
16 | Lymphatic Drainage
16 | Sports Massage
16 | Intro to CranioSacral Techniques
16 | Fascia Therapy

16 | Trigger Point Therapy
16 | Pregnancy/Labor Massage
16 | Hot Rocks
16 | Orthopedic
16 | Spa Treatments
8 | Wrist and Arm Pain
4 | Infant Massage
8 | Flowing Bodywork
8 | Body Rolling

8 | Chair Massage
8 | Positional Release
8 | Kinesiology Taping
8 | Dynamic Stretching
4 | Massage for Headaches
4 | Addressing TMJ Pain
4 | Effective Sciatica Treatment
4 | Chest & Shoulder Massage
4 | Gluteal with Finishing Strokes
4 | Avoiding Massage Career Burnout

Michigan Massage License Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements

The following information is Irene’s Myomassology Institute’s best understanding of the Michigan Massage Licensing Board’s rules.

  • Irene’s pays for our students’ initial (first one) Michigan Massage Therapy License when they graduate.
  • Continuing Education (CE) is not required for license renewals of less than 3 years.
  • Continuing Education (CE) is required for all 3 year license renewals.
  • The CE requirement is 18 hours over 3 years.
  • The license expiration year and date is printed on licenses.
  • Renewal information is sent is emailed in advance of expiration. Snail mail will only be sent if the therapist specifically requests that in advance.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information with the State current. You must notify the State if you change your email address or move, etc..
  • Of the required 18 CE hours, 1 hour must be in ethics and 1 hour must be in pain management.
  • The 18 hours of CE must be completed during that 3-year renewal cycle. CE cannot be taken prior to renewal. Classes taken before that will not count towards CE.
  • Massage schools/programs approved by the State for entry level education are approved to offer CE classes.
  • CE providers can also be approved by the NCBTMB, FSMTB, or COMTA.
  • CE hours cannot be carried from one renewal period to the next. If you complete extra hours in a 3-year cycle, you still must complete 18 hours for the next renewal.
  • Do not submit CE proof with your license renewal. The State conducts random audits of renewals. Always keep your CE certificates for at least 4 years after renewal.
  • No more than 12 CE hours can be completed in a 24-hour period.
  • You cannot earn CE credit for the same class more than once.
  • CE credit is not granted in any modality exempt from the massage license law. The list of exempt modalities that do not count for CE is: Feldenkras, Trager, Polarity, Asian Bodywork, Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Structural Integration.