Irene’s Supportive Community

The core of what makes our institute exceptional is our commitment to excellence.  We are proud to have the profession’s most experienced and engaging instructors in our classrooms.  Combined with the compassionate support staff in our offices makes for an outstanding educational experience.

A good instructor inspires students to learn. At Irene’s Michigan Massage School, we know how important it is for students to be provided with guidance and support from the office staff. Everyone working at Irene’s has been hand-selected based not only on their skills but their desire to help others succeed. 

Take a moment to remember your favorite teacher. Do you have fond memories of someone who made you feel special and your learning process fun? Were they a talented individual who could take an otherwise boring subject and bring it to life? This person left a positive impression on your memory forever.

Our faculty members are supportive, experienced and skilled educators. They are committed to making learning fun and enjoyable.

Each of our teachers brings a special element to their class and are eager to share their knowledge with their students. Positive memories of your Irene’s experience will last a lifetime.

Our hands-on massage classes provide the opportunity for individual attention, as the teacher cultivates the unique spark in each student. All of Irene’s massage instructors have years of experience working as professional myomassologists along with teaching at Irene’s. These gifted individuals are eager to share their knowledge.

Massage & Lecture Instructors

Beth Ashcraft

& Ethics

Bil Bitz

Applied Myomassology

Stephen Brown

Applied Myomassology
Hands-On Massage

Dana Calhoun

Applied Myomassology
Hands-On Massage

Shelia Cope

Hands-On Massage

Christina Das-Minta

Hands-On Massage

Rob Domenzian

First Aid

Randy Fillion, LMT

Hands-On Massage

Sandra Formicola

Hands-On Massage

Kathleen Gerus-Darbison

HIV & Hepatitis

Leon Golson

HIV & Hepatitis

Rob Kelly, LMT

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology

Sharon Matthews

Applied Myomassology

Paul Mattson

Professional Development

Denise Mussio, LMT

Applied Myomassology

Deb Peterson-Brand

Hands-On Massage

Brian Piccolo

Hands-On Massage

Jeanette Roach

Applied Myomassology
Hands-On Massage

Nicole Roy

Hands-On Massage

Katherine Russell

Applied Myomassology

Susan Salah

Hands-On Massage

Jim Saltalamacchia

Hands-On Massage

Mable Sharp, LMT

Applied Myomassology

Todd Wesley

CPR & First Aid

Jessica Zacharias

Applied Myomassology

Clinical Massage Supervisors

Beth Ashcraft

Massage Clinic & Retail Manager

Bil Bitz

Clinical Event Coordinator

Heather Kapteyn

Student Massage Clinic Supervisor

Kristina Peck

Massage Clinic Assistant Manager

Serena Schneider

Student Massage Clinic Supervisor

Stacie Wall Jackson

Student Massage Clinic Supervisor

Irene’s Support Staff Provides the Help You Need to Succeed as a Massage Student

Irene’s admissions counselors are here to help you make informed decisions about attending school. The financial aid department is eager to assist you in accessing all of the funding you qualify for.

Our dedicated student advisors are committed to getting you prepared for your classes, helping to choose classes that compliment your interest and lend a listening ear throughout your program. As your education continues, the student records department is always available to enroll you in classes, check your attendance and sign you up for events.

When graduation rolls around, career placement specialists are here to provide a lifetime of outstanding career services, while the alumni association is planning activities to keep you connected to your Irene’s Family.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, call 248-350-1400 today to speak to a member of our team!

Office Staff

Alyse Allen

Administrative Assistant

Kim Beverly

Student Advisor

Alaija Boyd

Massage Supply Store Staff

Jill Howard

Student Records

Darnell Hurt

Building Maintenance

Lauren Hurt

Student Records

Jesse James

Financial Aid Administrator

Caroline Johnson

Massage Supply Store Staff

Emily Kingsbury

Student Records

Diane LaForge

Admissions Director

Jeff Laudicina

Financial Aid Director

Stacy Leasure

Alumni Association

Stephanie Luckadoo

Admissions Counselor

Sarah McCarty

Admissions Counselor

Kimi Peck

Assistant Retail Manager

Megan Powers

Executive Assistant

Mable Sharp

Education Director

Jennifer Simmons

Career Services Director

Antione Wilson

Building Manager

Michelle Wilson

Finance Manager



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